Hello and welcome to www.lewisrobinson.co.uk 

Lewis Robinson has been making sculpture and drawings for over four decades. This website represents a small sample of that work.

Throughout his studio practice he has worked with a variety of media, exploring a diverse range of subjects and content but always with a concern for materials and process.

Over the last 25 years he has become more interested in using found domestic object which begin the process of thinking about a sculpture, reconstructing, repairing and rebuilding, but not always in the way we might expect. To this end there is often a sense of dislocation and reinvention, unfamiliarising the familiar with further narratives.

His drawings in turn, can be statements in themselves giving an outlet for more two-dimensional ideas or they can be reflections on sculptural thinking carrying a synergy and association with the process of making.

Alongside his studio practice, Lewis has been commissioned for public and corporate art works and has work in private collections. He has taught at various Further and Higher Education Institutions since 1987 and then retired from teaching in 2018. He has led workshops at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park 2015-2019 and continues to work as a freelance tutor and facilitator.

He is currently based in West Yorkshire where he lives and works.