Hello and welcome to www.lewisrobinson.co.uk 

Over the last four decades Lewis Robinson has been making sculpture, drawings, collages and prints. He has explored a range of materials and processes along that journey working with a variety of subjects, content and conceptual concerns. In the recent past this artist’s work told a story of loss, trauma and its memory, but always within the boundaries of his concern for materials, mass and surface. Art can have a narrative or be concerned with form but often the two are inextricably linked. His own domestic situation and geographical location has had its part in shaping the work he makes.

Increasingly, found objects have been appropriated in his work providing the starting point for an idea. He strives to reinvent the ordinary and everyday things we see round us bringing together the made and readymade. The work he makes reflects an uncertainty and unpredictability of making but also point to the fact that things can be rebuilt, repaired and remade but not always in the way we would expect. To this end there is often a sense of dislocation and reinvention, unfamiliarising the familiar. This has been an underpinning theme which continues to fascinate his curiosity.